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We are a collective of professionals in live music & event production.    We combine our knowledge & experience with a unique desire to listen to our clients and our audience...



Find the perfect live music for your event, wedding, festival or venue

Unlike a music agency, all of our great live bands are formed from the talent within our own collective.   We are all like-minded, energetic people who love to perform and when it comes to live music, there is nothing we cannot do with our team... 

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Great DJ Sets enhanced by live musicians & singers

Musicians from our collective can perform with any DJ anytime - sax, guitar, vocal, percussion, keytar and more.    We also have our very own DJ-Live group with a more complete show, featuring roaming live performances centred around our own DJ...

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Live sound, installations, recording, film & video production

Our multi-talented and growing team of creative professionals can offer a number of audio & visual services for individuals, bands, venues and events.   From promotional videos to voice-over recordings, wedding speech sound system to full installation...

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